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Trial-of-miles 40 follower music questions

My answers.
1. Favorite band? Can't really choose, but they we're my first band i listen to, All Time Low.
2. Favorite song? for right now. Amelia - Tonight Alive.
3. Last album you listened to all the way through? 5sos - 5sos
4. Turn on a radio/pandora/spotify/iTunes Radio/iPod shuffle. What's the first song that comes on? Yellow card - Ocean Avenue
5. Song that explains you? idk.
6. Favorite 80's song? idk.
7. Favorite 80's artist/band? idk..
8. Favorite 90's song? Oasis - wonderwall
9. Favorite 90's artist/band? Green Day
10. Favorite 2000's song? Dirty little secret
11. Favorite 2000's artist/band? All American Rejects
12. Favorite genre? Punk Rock / Alternative
13. Least favorite genre? Country
14. Strangest song you've ever heard? What does the fox say.
15. Metal or jazz? Metal
16. Punk or country? Punk
17. An album that came out on your birthyear? idk..
18. Do you have a tumblr playlist? nope.
19a. Do you play an instrument? Piano and a little of guitar.
19b. If you don't, what would you want to play? Bass <3
20a. Do you sing? Yea a lot. and i do wanna make covers.
20b. Do you sing well? average i guess. not what you see on the voice.
21. Least favorite artist? i don't think i have one.
22. Least favorite song? idk...
23. A song that brings back memories? Therapy - All Time Low
24. A song that you called "our song"?i don't have one.
25. A song that makes you cry? Fix You - Coldplay
26. A song that makes you dance like an idiot? Manyyyy
27. A song that you rock out to? a bunch
28. Best concert you've been to? not yet happen. most of the concert i've been are just average.
29. A concert you wish you could have been at? The 1975 in singapore. i have to travel down to go there. :(
30. Best song that you don't own yet? My Happy Little Pill - Troye
31. An artist you want to release a new album? The 1975
32. An artist you want to go on tour? All Time Low. World Tour
33. A band you want to get back together? Nirvana. Even tho kurt died.
34. A band that should break up already? idk.
35. Favorite song on the radio today? boom clap - Charli XCX
36. Favorite local radio station? Hitz.fm
37. Best radio service? (Pandora/spotify/ etc.) Spotify
38. CD, Digital, or Vinyl? i have CDs but i wish for Vinyl.
39. Play it:loud and proud or calm and quiet? Loud and proud
40. Favorite song to drive to? Greed Day - Holiday
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1. Who was the last person you held hands with? 

- Sabrina, my school mate.

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

- Shy around people i dont know. Outgoing and sometimes crazy with people i’m really close with.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

- my friends tonight! we’re going for PIZZA! <3

4. Are you easy to get along with?

- Depends how much we have in common. Normally no.

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

My friends no one in particular.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

- Listens to the same time of music as me, probably.


Amelia - Tonight AliveThe right ear is the official studio recorded version, and the left ear is the official studio recorded acoustic version.The right ear comes in a few seconds earlier than the left ear causing a layered effect. :)  Enjoy!


All Time Low at AP Music Awards. My photograph/edit, please don't repost.

(via voicescalling)

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